ENVE introduces new SES AR handlebar

ENVE has introduced the new SES AR road handlebar.

The SES AR road handlebar features aerodynamic shaping that also aids in damping and compliance, ENVE said. It also features internal and external routing options to ensure maximum versatility and compatibility with the numerous internally routed systems on the market.

In terms of geometry, the SES AR road handlebar features a compact geometry with a reach measurement of 76mm and a drop dimension of 127mm.

“Road riding has evolved,” said VP of product Jake Pantone. “In 2016, we saw the writing on the wall during the development of our introductory SES AR wheel product, the SES 4.5 AR. Since that time, road frames have evolved to include clearance for high-volume tyres, and tyre manufacturers have invested heavily in high-volume tubeless road tyres that leave the tyres of yesteryear, quite literally in the dust.

“With frames, wheels, and tyres growing more capable, so too has our appetite to explore the long road, the rough road, and dirt roads. With this evolution, it is only natural that our primary point of contact on the bike evolves as well. The SES AR road handlebar is ENVE’s solution to a better road riding experience.”

Chief engineer Kevin Nelson added: “The compound flare is designed to maintain better hand position in the hoods while also improving the reach to the lever in the drops. The flared drops provide a more natural control position and more comfort. All of this is based on the principles already being used in the G Series Gravel bar.

“The top shape is intended to give you much of the aero benefits of the aero road bar while giving you a wide position with a tight bend which provides forearm support in a hood based aero position.”

The SES AR handlebar is available in five sizes and will retail for USD $375, £400, €400 and AUD $590 respectively. For more information and to purchase visit ENVE.com, or your nearest ENVE ride centre/retail partner.

It will be available from Saddleback in early November.

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