ENVE expands component lineup to include aluminium mountain stems

ENVE has introduced a new range of cold-forged, precision-machined, purpose-built mountain bike stems, optimised for pairing with the brand’s M Series carbon handlebar offering.

The ENVE Alloy Mountain stem is available in both 31.8mm and 35.0mm clamp diameters, with both clamp models offered with a zero degree rise in 35mm, 50mm, and 65mm lengths. The US-based brand has been slowly introducing aluminium products into its lineup, including its rim and disc brake compatible road hubs.

“To be successful as a carbon manufacturer, you must first have an intimate understanding of machining,” stated VP of engineering Scott Nielson. “Behind every successful carbon design, is an equally clever mould design that was machined typically from aluminium or steel. In short, we’ve been machining metals at ENVE from the beginning. If you ever have the opportunity to tour ENVE, you’ll see that a good percentage of our manufacturing facility is dedicated to our machine shop. Our machining expertise has played a crucial role in ENVE’s success from the beginning,”

While ENVE does have a large in-house machining operation, the new alloy stems are not produced in Ogden, Utah, where the company’s facilities are located. “While we certainly have the capability to machine this product in-house, we do not have the bandwidth given our machine shops are at full capacity,” said Nielson. “In addition, we wanted to forge the billet before machining which allows for a stronger, more fatigue resistant stem. Given that we can’t forge locally, we have chosen a manufacturing partner who has forging capabilities in-house.”

The new ENVE Alloy Mountain stems are a premium-grade product designed to be paired with carbon handlebars, and more specifically ENVE M Series carbon handlebars. The new stems feature a “no gap” faceplate design as well as smooth bevelled surfaces everywhere the handlebar interfaces in the bar clamp – this is to reduce the likelihood of sensitive carbon laminates being damaged or crushed during installation.

“The introduction of the alloy mountain stem will allow more riders access to a complete ENVE cockpit and therefore ENVE performance,” stated VP of product, Jake Pantone. “Our M Series carbon stems retain their position as the benchmark mountain bike stem, while the new alloy stems provide the same strength and reliability, but with a slight penalty to weight and ride quality.”

Other features include blind steerer-clamp bolt holes, and smooth contours on the back of the stem to protect shorts and knees from snagging on exposed threads or sharp machined edges. All stem hardware is stainless steel.

The ENVE Alloy Mountain stems are now available at a retail price of $125. For more information or to purchase, visit ENVE.com, or your nearest ENVE Ride Center/Retail Partner.

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