Endura tackles the mud with new overshoe

Endura has confirmed the release of the new MT500 Plus Overshoe.

The overshoe is designed to comfortably house MTB riders’ shoes whilst riding on muddy trails.

Brand Manager Ian Young commented: “We like to start with a clean sheet of paper – but with the upper we found ourselves coming back to what we’d used for the standard MT500 overshoe. We investigated various materials, even including some of the heavier fabrics we use for rain jackets, but came back to neoprene, which offers the best combination of stretch, toughness and protection.”

The aggressive tread used on the rubber toe section provides extra grip, while the Velcro closure with fit adjustment makes the MT500 Plus Overshoe easy to pull on and take off, even with clammy or muddy fingers. Thanks to the wide fit, the MT500 Plus Overshoe is suitable for a large variety of MTB shoes, whether designed for use with at pedals or clipless.

“Ninety per cent of my riding is on flat pedals,” commented UK freeride icon Chris Smith. “For freeriding, I’m on flat pedals all the time. They give me much greater freedom on the bike. I’m a lot more committed in corners, and able to stick out a foot, if I need to. I’ll take on a more risky line, if I’m on flats, because they give me an escape route.

“It’s fine in the summer, but
in the winter, when you’ve got a spanking pair of shoes covered in mud from top to bottom, it can be very annoying.”

The MT500 Plus Overshoe comes in the MT500 collection’s signature black with yellow detailing, and is available in sizes S-M, M-L, and L-XL.

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