Elvedes increases metallic compound e-bike disc pad range for 2020

Elvedes is increasing its metallic compound e-bike disc pad range for 2020.

“The compound was developed for patterns used widely on e-bikes due to the different loads placed on the disc pads of an e-bike compared with the loads of non e-bikes,” said a statement.

“E-bikes are heavier, and many owners of them get to higher speeds much quicker and easier, and therefore have to brake harder putting more pressure on the disc pads, therefore the metallic compound gives better braking and service life.

“Another feature that has been put into the Elvedes Metallic compound disc pad is that the braking experience is accompanied by as little noise as possible. With all these wishes from e-bike riders, Elvedes developed the Metallic carbon compound.”

All Elvedes disc pads come with all retaining pins, clips and springs included. The most popular disc pads are available in workshop boxes of ten and 25 pairs and are available exclusively in the UK from The Cycle Division.

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