The high-end US MTB company is to introduce a cruiser at Interbike with no derailleurs or fixed-gear internal hub but with "advanced infinitely variable transmission technologies." The NuVinci hub offer "continuously variable planetary (CVP)" transmission. The tech is not bike-trade specific and the NuVinci owner, Fallbrook Technologies Inc., reckons it will "change the way the world builds machines that use transmissions."

Ellsworth to be first-to-market with new transmission tech

Fallbrook Technologies Inc. has signed an OEM licensing agreement with Ellsworth International, Inc. to licence Fallbrook’s NuVinci CVP hub technology for a new line of Ellsworth bicycles, planned for introduction in the second half of 2006.

Ellsworth will purchase the hubs from Aftermarket Technology Corp. (ATC), Fallbrook’s licensed manufacturing partner.

Using the NuVinci-based hubs, Ellsworth will design a new line of bikes, called the Ride & Enjoy cruiser bike series.

“We’re out to create a whole new category here,” said Tony Ellsworth, president and CEO of Ellsworth International, Inc.

“The Ride & Enjoy series will give riders a whole new level of comfort and efficiency, incorporating bio-kinetically designed frames and state-of-the-art materials – including the revolutionary NuVinci hub. These bikes will make getting around easier and more relaxing than you’ve ever imagined.”

"NuVinci technology is a true alternative to conventional derailleur and fixed-gear internal hubs," said a statement from Fallbrook.

"It offers the bicycle rider incredibly smooth, simplified shifting while pedaling, coasting, or at a standstill. It delivers all the advantages of planetary gearsets without the limitations of fixed speed ratio, without wide gaps between gears, and without jarring or shocking shifts typical of conventional drivetrains. NuVinci technology is dependable, compact, whisper-quiet, and completely sealed for protection from weather, dirt and abuse.

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