Remember Etto? Those funny-looking helmets which probably didnt look funny at the time? They were on every other page of the early mountain bike mags...and then disappeared. Well, now theyre back

Ello, Ettos back

First imported by Smuggled Goods a decade ago, Etto helmets from Norway were THE helmets to be seen in. But when Smuggled Goods fizzled out, Etto bobbled around for a bit and then disappeared from view.

This was all news to Martin Clower of Golding Ltd., the new importer of Etto. He thought he was introducting a new brand to the UK.

Mind you, for all intents and purposes, he is. Etto will only be known to those long in the tooth riders on their Zimmer frames by now.

Clower is a financier and banker by background but loves cycling and specifically scoured the Cologne trade show for a brand without current UK representation.

He plumped for Etto and is flying to Germany tomorrow to sign up two other brands.

Hes looking for IBD accounts as well as independent sales agents. He has a small advertising budget but will initially rely on magazine reviews.

The Etto range samples of which are arriving shortly will be priced to compete with Met helmets, roughly in the range of £25 to £70 a piece.

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