Elite releases new direct drive trainer

Italian bike trainer manufacturer Elite has revealed a new addition to its interactive direct drive trainer line, the Direto.

The Direto, which is expected to be available to consumers in September 2017, boasts a +/- 2.5 per cent power accuracy at a lower price point – UK pricing to be confirmed.

The unit utilises the certified accuracy of the power readings of Lorenz machines, a German company that has created an industrial torque and power meter reader. Every Direto Elite is tested with the Lorenz machines – certified accuracy of +/- 0.05 per cent – and will include a QC testing/approval identity card with all the data collected during the QC procedure.

This allows Elite to be quick and effective for any eventual servicing the trainer should require. For 2017, Elite invested in an additional seven Lorzen machines, to bring the total to ten, to ensure every interactive trainer will now go through this QC testing procedure.

Direto’s pedaling analysis option measures power during the whole pedaling movement and sets 12 points that determine how much effort a user puts through their legs, allowing them to optimize their training session. The new device will also allow for control via both ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth for use with smart phones and other devices.

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