BEBA membership swells and holds first AGM

Electric bike association sees more firms sign up

The British Electric Bicycle Association (BEBA) has held its first Annual General Meeting in February in Coventry as guests of the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA).

The MCIA has become an affiliate of BEBA following interested motorcycle dealers eager to take advantage of the growing sector.

A spokesperson told BikeBiz: “BEBA has grown to more than twenty members over the last twelve months and is becoming the voice of the UK electric bicycle industry.”

The association is taking part in what has been a controversial campaign to change EU law on what can be classed as an e-bike, advocating an increase in power but also the acceptance of throttles – a move opposed by the Bicycle Association, among others.

BEBA explained: “BEBA continues to support ETRA in its work within Europe to change what is accepted by law as a pedelec. By recommending an increase in power available and making the use of a full throttle acceptable BEBA are hoping to make cycling more inclusive and not simply the domain of the young and fit. The law relating to pedelecs in the UK currently differs slightly to the law in Europe, BEBA have been working in parliament to end the confusion and hope to make a statement during March.”

Contrary to rumours, the creation of E4, a new electric bike trade group targeting the trade, has had no impact on BEBA. E4 constituents include EBC, Storck Raddar, Hero Eco and Wisper. David Miall of Wisper explained to BikeBiz: “There has been a little confusion in the industry recently regarding the relationship between the new sales group E4 and BEBA.

“E4 is a group of four like-minded electric bicycle businesses who are working together to create sales by holding road shows for both dealers and final users. BEBA promotes the use of electric bicycles in the UK generally and is concerned with improving policy and legislation for all stakeholders in the industry.”

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