Ekoï announces new E-Lens

Ekoï has announced its new E-Lens, designed to ‘adapt and adjust to the light in less than a tenth of a second’.

“The new Ekoï E-Lens is nothing less than a revolution in eyewear technology. Thanks to an electronic chip integrated into the frame, the change in tint is immediate compared to traditional photochromic lenses which require a lot longer to darken, and even more to become clear,” the brand said. “The E-Lens provides perfect vision in all circumstances, whether in the shade of trees, in tunnels, or when descending at speed into and out of shadows and shade.”

The E-Lens is the direct result of Ekoï’s collaboration with the professional riders, a ‘constant search’ for the latest advances in technology in terms of performance and comfort.

Technical features:
– 100% anti-UV category zero (clear) to three (dark) lens
– TR90 frame
– Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
– 70 hours battery run time, the equivalent of 20 training sessions or ten pro road races
– Automatic or manual modes
– Charge time (0-100%): two hours
– Working temperature range: -10°C to +45°C

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