Effetto Mariposa unveils biodegradable, plant-based tyre sealant Végétalex

Effetto Mariposa has launched Végétalex, a biodegradable, plant-based tyre sealant.

Végétalex contains finely ground olive stones and cellulose fibers to deliver a “tremendous puncture clogging effect”. This mix, held together by xanthan gum, fixes punctures ranging from small tyre porosities to bigger cuts, said Effetto Mariposa.

The sealant has been finely tuned to obtain a high mobility, so that a small quantity “goes a long way” in terms of coverage of the inner surface of the tyre. For Végétalex, Effetto Mariposa suggests using about 20% more than the quantities recommended by the iCaffelatex app for Caffélatex.

Végétalex isn’t damaged by the use of CO2 cartridges and doesn’t contain ammonia or other aggressive chemicals, nor is it toxic or corrosive, said the brand. It also doesn’t trigger reactions in people who are allergic to products made with natural rubber latex, however, it may contain traces of nut.

“Being able to ‘forget’ about tyre sealant is the dream of tubeless tyre users,” said a statement. “Especially those of us who don’t ride too often, wondering whether the sealant is still liquid inside our tyres (or not) is a worry that can spoil the pleasure of a ride.

“We say that Végétalex is ideal for e-bikes because e-bikers often have to deal with more complex machines, batteries, and electronics; a sealant that’s low maintenance is surely a welcome change. Using more structured tyres, like those specific for e-bikes, Végétalex will easily last a full season of riding, so that you can spend less time doing bicycle maintenance and more time riding.”

Végétalex will be available starting September 2020, as 1,000 ml bottles. Effetto Mariposa is distributed in the UK by Upgrade.

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