iPhone dock among features of quirky concept cycle

Ecodrive Bike comes with integrated signal lights

The Ecodrive concept bicycle has been designed to increase cyclist safety with fully integrated signalling lights.

Mimicking motorbikes, the mounted signal lamps are activated by controls on the handlebars and are designed to prevent the ‘risks’ of taking hands off the bike during signalling. In addition the Ecodrive takes smartphone integration a step further with a mount for an iPhone, which can be used for navigation and charged through a battery inside the aluminium frame of the bicycle.

The Ecodrive was designed by Jull Kim and was entered in the 2010 Seoul Cycle Design Competition (which also featured this forkless bike).

You can find a number of pictures of the Ecodrive bike here.

The blurb for the bike reads: "Unlike motorcycles, there are no signal lights for bicycle. Since dangers occur all the time when bicycle is turning left or right in the middle of the crossroad, many countries are advising riders to send hand signs when take make turns.

"It’s because getting hands off the bicycle can cause risk on the traffic road. To prevent this, they are trying to get rid of the risk of hand signs by mounting signal lamps on the bicycle. As commute with bicycle attracts many people, traffic road and environment for bicycle are showing improvement.

"By mounting smartphone on the bicycle, riding distance could be measured and navigation is possible through GPS.

"By mounting a battery inside the aluminum frame of the bicycle, it provides electricity to mounted smartphone and signal lamps."

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