Eclat are a new components brand to come from the brains behind WeThePeople. BikeBiz asks, why does the BMX sector need another components brand.

Éclat brand launch

The massive resurgence seen in the BMX sector just prior to the Christmas period seems to have quietened down in recent months. Mark Sutton asks the brains behind WeThePeople why the sector needs another components brand…
Product in the vibrant, youth orientated 20-inch sector is in constant danger of going stale. With the constantly evolving trends, it’s a tough job for manufacturers to produce a product that will still be fresh by the time it hits retail. Recent evolutions are not only style conscious but practical too. Inspiration is now often borrowed from the ultra-light road sector. For example, many components are now merged, such as seatclamps to frames and seats and post in a single unit.
Klaus Dyba of Éclat said: "There are already some good parts brands in the bmx scene, but the concentration on the tech now overshadows the product and the motivation behind brands. We wanted products where the decision behind supporting it was simpler, as was the presentation of the product and the knowledge that it will just work. Éclat components will be unique and most importantly, rider designed."
But the market is already flooded with rider-designed components. However, Dyba explains that there is a gap in the market: "If there wasn’t then there would be no explanation for the un-precedented demand we’ve already seen, and the order sheets are not even ready. There is always a market for products that get riders excited about something new and with Éclat we think that we definitely have that to offer."
The first shipments of components will land at Hot Wheels distribution around the end of July.
Chris McArdle of the Poole-based, distributor, said: "When we first heard about Éclat we new it was going to be something special. The guys at Wethepeople have always gone to huge extremes to produce parts and completes that stand for quality, shout out good design and really reflect what is happening at the forefront of the BMX industry."
Unlike many others in the sector, Éclat will "definitely not" enter the complete bikes arena, according to Dyba.
McArdle added: "We consider the guys in Cologne good friends and we respect the effort that goes into what they do so when they asked us to distribute Éclat we were honoured and it seemed only natural to take on a brand that is going to push BMX in new directions. We expect to see our 1st delivery of Éclat around the end of July."

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