Paul Stanforth: "We're not about profiteering from our dealers - we're sharing the savings."

EBC slash e-bike prices following Euro exchange rate improvements

EBC has told BikeBiz that it has slashed the prices of its European sourced electric bikes on the back of exchange rate improvements.

Some of the cuts bring retail prices below the £1,000 mark, making them suddenly accessible on the Cycle to Work scheme. According to the firm, it now offers three ebike brands with a range of models from £899 to £2,799 with little overlap. One such model to become newly accessible under the C2W scheme is the VeloSolex folding bike. On this model customers will receieve a LED backlit display that shows the rider speed, distance travelled and remaining battery with range and time of journey. The VeloSolex has a range of around 30-32 miles, depending on conditions.

Paul Stanforth, co-director at EBC, said: "With the crisis in the Eurozone we have been able to drive the suggested retail price (SRP) down, something we haven’t seen many others doing. Many brands were quick to blame currency when prices went up, but are happy to profiteer and gain extra margin when currency works in their favour. That’s not how we work and we share our good fortune with our dealer network, as we see it as an ongoing partnership.

"Anyone, retailer or consumer, who still thinks that ebikes are stuffy, uncomfortable to ride and unreliable is stuck in the past and hasn’t ridden one of our range. They have been designed to look great and ride fantastically.

"So, the product is now right, the price is also right and the sun is coming out. With a summer of commuting hell, fuel price rises and a government push to encourage more cycle journeys, ebikes offer the fantastic product to gain incremental value with an entirely new customer group in this emerging two wheel market."

The AVE range all use the award winning Bosch crank drive system that is highly thought of in the ebike sector. These builds begin at £1,799, a price with EBC believes is the lowest for a bike sporting Bosch’s technology.

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