An alternative, Lee Valley home for the Olympic Park cycle circuit has been revealed by the London Development Agency.

Eastway cyclists get a new site

The cycle circuit, which will be moved for the development of the Olympic Park, is set to have a new home on Rammey Marsh in the London borough of Enfield. [Note: not Romney Marsh, a marsh in the same area]. The site has drawn praise from British Cycling, and has the support of Enfield Council.

A key legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be major new facilities for cyclists, with the construction of an Olympic VeloPark. This will include a 1500 seat velodrome and a BMX track. After the Games, a cycle circuit, mountain bike and cyclo-cross tracks will be reinstated within the VeloPark.

The Rammey Marsh site was unveiled last night at a consultation meeting.

Gareth Blacker, director of development at the London Development Agency, said: "In the long-term the Games will be a real boost to the sport of cycling with the construction of the VeloPark. Meanwhile, Rammey Marsh is an ideal site for temporarily relocating the Eastway Cycle Circuit. It is large enough to accommodate a road circuit, mountain bike and cyclo-cross trails, allowing safe cycling in a traffic-free environment."

The LDA is committed to funding the relocation of the cycle circuit. The LDA is working with Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, which part owns Rammey Marsh and is the landowner of the Eastway Cycle Circuit, to agree ongoing operational funding for the period leading up to the Games.

Shaun Dawson, CEO of LVRPA, said: ‘We are very happy for our land at Rammey Marsh to be the temporary home of the relocated Eastway cycle circuit as it retains this popular activity within the Lee Valley. We will continue working with our partners on the delivery of this facility for the Eastway cyclists until we can reincorporate the circuit in the Lee Valley VeloPark, a major Olympic legacy facility."

Dave Cockram, national facilities officer for British Cycling said: "We are delighted to support the London Development Agency’s proposal of Rammey Marsh as the temporary home of the Eastway Cycle Circuit. British Cycling is currently looking at the option of maintaining the Rammey Marsh cycling facility permanently, in addition to the Eastway circuit when it is reinstated after the Games."

Councillor Mike Rye, leader of Enfield Council said: "The proposals will need planning permission and the Council’s Planning Committee will scrutinise the proposals very carefully, however, a cycle circuit on Rammey Marsh would be an excellent community resource."

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