Author of 'Finding the perfect bicycle seat' renames his road bike saddle brand, seeks distributors

E3 saddle renamed Kontact

Joshua Cohen, author of ‘Finding the perfect bicycle seat’, has has teamed up with Andrew Severson, owner of Kontact Bicycle Components, to create the new line of Kontact anatomical bicycle saddles.

The design, which is similar to Cohen’s previous E3 Form saddle (which he regained the rights to from the previous distributor), features upgraded materials throughout. 

"I had received many emails from cyclists and retailers interested in the E3, so I worked with Andrew to develop a new brand, and create the beginning of a new range of saddles," said Cohen. 

He added: "The 2011 Kontact Anatomical bicycle saddle offers a sleek, research-based design to improve blood flow and relieve soft tissue pressure while cycling, without the need for a cut-out. The patented leg relief zone reduces thigh friction and may also aid in increasing power output." 

The Kontact saddle has a patented decreased angle between the nose of the saddle and the rear support surface, as well as a flatter rear surface to support the sit bones instead of the pressing into the soft tissues. These design features allow the rider to remain over the wider rear section of the saddle for better pressure distribution.

The saddle has been featured in this long work on bicycle saddles. The saddles are priced at $110. Kontact is seeking distributors in Europe.

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