Wilier chooses Shimano mid motors for debut men's and women's builds

E-bike news: Bosch Performance CX and Wilier dips toe in


Bosch has debuted a new drive system for the mountain bike world, dubbed the Performance Line CX.

The motor has had its torque boosted a further 15 Newton Metres and now delivers 75NM, enabling faster acceleration and more power at low cadences, vastly improving steep ascents and power out of the corners. What’s more, the torque will remain high at greater cadences.

The higher torque is not the only feature that will bring a smile to e-mountain bikers’ faces. In Turbo mode the Performance Line CX provides maximum assistance of up to 300 per cent, which is a perceptible improvement on the Performance Line’s peak of 275 per cent and the Active Line (max. 225 per cent). 

To ensure that the extra power reaches the rear wheel swiftly and effectively the Performance Line CX has a shift recognition feature that makes perfectly timed, dynamic gear changing possible. 

For a better climbing performance manufacturers will in future be able to fit a 14-tooth chain ring to the crank that offers extra comfort as a “mountain gear”. It makes a second chain ring superfluous.



Wilier has debuted a series of electric bikes to sit alongside its portfolio of performance road and mountain bikes. 

All based around Shimano’s Steps mid-motor system and with the battery stashed inside a rear wheel pannier rack, Wilier’s builds are flat bar e-gravel bike-esque in appearance. Adding to the clean lines of the builds, each takes cables inside the frame. 

The three builds shown were the €2,798 Magneto. This low-step over hydroformed aluminium build comes in at just 21kg.

If weight is a concern, your customer’s eyes will be drawn toward the 19.2kg Refill Carbon, which will retail at €4,398. 

Extras on all builds include a kickstand and mudguards, with stopping power coming from Shimano hydraulics.


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