Firm, which says other light firms pack LEDs too tightly together, launches lights that can be secured via your D lock

Double O magnetic and lockable lights seek funds on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has thrown up yet another innovative bike product in the form of Double O, a magnetic, rechargeable and lockable light set.

Named after its distinctive shape, the Double O attaches magnetically to the bike-mount supplied, minimising any fiddling. It consists of two ‘O’ shaped lights, one white light for the front, one red for the back. When not in use, these magnetically connect together to protect the LED face. As they are easy to detach from the bike, they can swiftly be locked via a D lock so the rider doesn’t have to carry them around while off the bike.

According to the Paul Cocksedge Studio – the firm behind the Double O – most existing bike lights use ultra-bright LEDs which are packed too closely together, resulting in a very bright light which is blinding for car drivers and approaching cyclists. Double O tackles this issue, if indeed it is one, by using 12 LEDs which are spaced out creating a bright yet soft glow, enabling cyclists to be seen without dazzling others. The light has three modes: steady, flashing and eco which can be changed via a push button.

The robust Double O uses a polycarbonate shell with silicone backing and are USB chargeable.

Paul Cocksedge said: “As with so many people, cycling is an essential part of my life, and cycling safety is crucial. I’ve used many bike lights but I feel some things could really be improved. I wanted to design a bike light and the inspiration for Double O comes directly from the shape of the bicycle. I wanted something that almost looked like the bike had designed it itself.”

The Kickstarter campaign started last week and ends May 1st, with a goal of £75,000. The Double O front light is intended to retail at £65 and the back light at £55 (£99 for the set).

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