Revolutions, the evening do at the Cycle & Leisure Show, is expensive at £21.15 a head but David Hydes industry bashes are always quirky, perky and worth it. Let your hair down and be part of the industry for one night of the show

Dont be glum in Brum

The NEC is a great expo venue but show visitors dissipate all over the West Midlands at closing time. When the forerunner of the Cycle & Leisure Show was staged in Harrogate, there was no such problem, you always knew youd bump into fellow bikies in one of the spa towns limited number of restaurants, pubs or hotel bars.

Post-show mixing is one of the best ways to conduct business and whilst suppliers will always cherry-pick a few top dealers to wine and dine, its essential that at least one night is reserved as an industry night. And because show visitors find it difficult to accidentally bump into fellow industry people in Solihull, Sparkbrook, Birmingham city centre or wherever, the big show bash should be on everybodys must do list (remember, were not getting paid to say this).

Revellers at the Oom-pah band night or last years multi-facteted bash (sumo wrestling, bucking bronco, fortune teller, bouncy castle, laser quest etc) would tell you that the industry get-togethers that David Hyde organises are genuinely good fun. Every year, those that do make the effort, always sing the praises of the previous nights entertainment.

God knows who Lee Wilson, Adam Crest, Angel Street or the Colin Cambell Trio are but if David Hyde has booked them for Revolutions, the Sunday nightclub in the Gallery Restaurant at the NEC, then they must be good.

Fax David Hyde on 01926 815880 to book places. And perhaps David would like to explain more about the event on the bulletin board? Last years event was probably veiled in too much secrecy.

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