Is the Pope a Catholic? However, dont believe us, listen to what our advertisers say... (There now follows a commercial announcement on why, if youre ever in the market for placing a job or brand ad, youd be nuts to spend your cash anywhere else but BicycleBusiness)

Does BikeBiz work?

The mag arrived with most people today. Want to know how quick and effective it is? Call Jens Sunde of Flat Free Toobz. Or Simon Goude, inventor of the Indicator gloves. Or any of the advertisers in that issue.

For those featured, the phone is off the hook as soon as BicycleBusiness is ripped from the poly-bag.

Mike Burrows is even getting calls about his Ratcatcher!


On the same day that BikeBiz landed, many people would have got mailers from Cycle Industry, the mag which sacked the editor of BicycleBusiness who was then forced to set up his own publication.

As well as flogging the twenty quid Sourcebook (our directory will be free to all), todays mailer reiterates that only those who physically request mailed copies will be sent Cycle Industry in the future. And, remember, Cycle Industry is promoted as a monthly magazine yet only comes out ten times a year!

So, with a constant mailing list of 2500, a guaranteed monthly schedule and high-quality editorial, BicycleBusiness is clearly the magazine that will work for advertisers.

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