The build up to 'Ride the Net' and the Millennium Festival of Cycling is growing apace. Media snippets are appearing all over the place. Here's a plug from this week's BMJ, the doctor's mag...

Docs on bikes plus Snow

The British Medical Journal (20 May 2000), out today, contains a picture story on the annual Stroke Association’s annual Thames bridges bike ride. Featured is Channel 4 newsreader, Jon Snow, a daily cycle commuter.

The British Medical Association sent 80 doctors on the ride "as part of its millennium campaign to encourage cycling."

At a BMJ seminar held before the ride the following health benefits of cycling were described:

* Improved appetite and stable weight

* Lower blood sugar and reduced risk of cardiovascular event

* Increased aerobic fitness

* Positive effect on mood and wellbeing

This last one will be applied to the whole bike trade if the ‘summer of cycling’ creates thousands of new customers gagging to get out biking!

In other news...

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