Bob Dixon's Advanced Vehicle Designs is now AVD Windcheetah Ltd. and will no longer produce quadricycle pedi-cabs. As the new company name suggests, Dixon will continue to produce Windcheetah trikes, the Mike Burrows designed recumbents formerly known as Speedies.

Dixon sells quad rights to German consortium

The quadricycle manufacturing rights have been sold to a consortium based in Berlin. As reported in Velovision magazine, they have yet to announce their new trading name.

"Following my stroke a couple of years ago I found it increasingly difficult to run what had started to become a sizeable operation manufacturing Windcheetahs and the range of electric quadricycles," Dixon told

"Bowing under family pressure I decided to sell the electric vehicle business. I will still be actively engaged in the project for the next 12 months in a consultant capacity.

"The quads always served as a distraction from our core business; the Windcheetah. The new owner will bring a focus to the product that we could never provide and I believe it will now achieve the wider commercial success . Mainland Europe is the main market for these vehicles and it makes sense to be based there."

AVD Windcheetah Ltd’s CNC tooling has been moved to a new premises in Wales, and extra machining requirements are sub-contracted to an engineering company in Wrexham.

"We have also set up a small composites facility producing the popular range of carbon fibre Windcheetah accessories such as fairings, racks and seats," said Dixon.

At the end of 2003, a new Windcheetah went into production, the HyperSport. This was designed by Mike Burrows and features a new chassis and innovations such as ceramic brakes, a carbon fibre suspension system for the seat, and hollow aluminium axle.

The HyperSport is produced alongside the standard Windcheetah ClubSport and SuperSport models.

There are Windcheetah distributors in Germany and Japan. Sales in Europe and to the USA are handled by AVD Windcheetah Ltd. 75 percent of Windcheetah production is sold directly to the US.

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