Wisper challenges drivers to ‘take back control’ of their daily commute

‘Ditch your car for an e-bike and save thousands’

In the face of spiralling transport costs, ever-more expensive petrol, the congestion charge, tax and insurance, electric bike brand Wisper is daring the nation’s drivers to ditch the car and buy an e-bike.

The firm is campaigning for drivers to ‘take back control of your commute’ and elect to move from four wheels to two.

According to figures from Wisper, the average cost of running a small car is in excess of £2,700 per annum – so for households with two commuters the combined costs are in excess of £5,000 per year.

The firm added that with public transport costs also running into thousands of pounds rather than the hundreds of pounds (approximately £270 per annum) necessary to run an electric bike, the sector has never been so attractive.

A Wisper spokesperson said: "Electric bicycles have again been this year’s big cycling sensation with sales in Europe breaking the one million mark and expected to grow to three million by 2015. The growing trend for electric pedal power has definitely taken hold across all age groups and lifestyles. Wisper has been leading the e-bike trend since 2004 to become one, if not the most highly regarded electric bicycle brand in the UK.

"‘Take back control of your commute’ and get a bit fitter in the process by purchasing a Wisper e-bike. Travel when you want to, to where you want to, no fear of strikes or service interruptions, just you, your e-bike and a fatter wallet."

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