Provisional stats, released today, show that car use is down but risk for cyclists has risen.

DfT stats show that road danger decreasing for all but cyclists

Provisional DfT figures confirm that numbers of people killed in road ‘accidents’ between July and September 2011, fell to 500, a reduction of two per cent on the previous year. Road casualties fell to 55,105, down five per cent.

However, cyclists are the only road user type not to see a reduction in casualties. There were 5,466 cyclist casualties – of all types, including slight injuries – in the same period of 2010 rising slightly to 5,470 in 2011. 

The total number of reported bicycle casualties rose by 4 per cent, and the number killed or seriously injured rose by 8 per cent compared to the 12 month period ending September 2010.

Based on a comparison of the three quarters for both years, there has been a 17.5 per cent increase in cyclist casualties between 2007 and 2011.

There were 12,373 cyclist casualties between January and September 2007, this rose to 14,540 for the same period of 2011.

The Insitute of Advanced Motorists has joined the clamour for more safety for cyclists.

IAM director of policy and research, Neil Greig, said: “It is extremely concerning that cyclists’ casualties are not reducing and this is something the government and local councils must act must act on. This will mean changes to road layouts, more cycle training and promoting better awareness among drivers.”

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