Details released on Government’s Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme

The Government has released details on the Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme and how to register as a bike repairer.

The scheme allows members of the public to receive a voucher worth up to £50 towards the cost of repairing a bike. The vouchers can only be used with bike repair businesses that are registered for the scheme.

Registrations are now open for bike repair businesses that want to take part. Members of the public will be able to apply for the vouchers in the coming weeks.

Bike repairers must meet certain eligibility criteria including the possession of valid public liability insurance with a minimum cover of £2 million. A full list of terms and conditions and eligibility criteria is provided when registering.

How the scheme works
The bike owner will find a registered bike mechanic to fix their bike. A map of participating bike shops and mechanics will be available on the Energy Saving Trust website when the scheme launches to the public.

The bike owner applies for a voucher. They bring their bike in to be fixed, using the voucher towards the cost. You can then claim the cost of the discount (up to £50 per bike) back through the Energy Saving Trust website.

The Energy Saving Trust will refund you on the DfT’s behalf on a weekly basis.

Tom McMorrin, Yellow Jersey’s head of product development, said: “We fully support this scheme for the Government to help get people back on their bikes, it’s tremendous news for the industry. With new bikes in such short supply at the moment, hopefully, this scheme will encourage people to restore their old bikes if they are unable to purchase a new one.

“In order to register for the scheme, proof of adequate insurance is required and our team at Yellow Jersey is able to help arrange appropriate cover at short notice. We hope that the Government gives this scheme the promotion that it deserves and we see many more old bikes returned to the roads again soon.”

The DfT has said vouchers will be released gradually to avoid a spike in demand for repairs that cannot be met, and so that it can monitor the impact the scheme is having on bike use and the delivery of its objectives.

To inform the best rate of release of vouchers it is also looking to collect some information about the current status of the bike repair market. It has prepared a simple questionnaire with a small number of questions, which can be accessed here.

Please contact for any queries.

Apply to be part of the scheme here.

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