Itchy legs? Got to keep pedalling? Fancy riding *at* work not just *to* work? Here's the desk of your dreams...

Desk jockeys can now ride while they work

Sit in front of a screen all day? You don’t get enough exercise. Static bicycle trainers offer an excellent work-out but it can be mind-numbingly boring riding hard, but going nowhere.

How about if you could train while you worked, pedalled while you composed emails? Or kept yor pins spinning while you cold-called in your telesales job? In the future, getting a heavy-breathing phone call could be just from somebody with a Kickstand desk.

The idea for the desk came from software writer Dan Young of Cleveland, Ohio. He started Kickstand Furniture to market and sell his ‘cycling desk’.

He said: "Many days I’ve been tied to my desk, looking for any break where I could cut out for an hour or so to get on my bike and ride. The problem was, the time wasn’t there. On the weekends, when I did have a chance to get out for a few hours, I felt slow and sluggish. This wasn’t good."

So, he combined a bike trainer and a tall desk.

"I didn’t just want a flat surface to put my laptop on, I wanted a real piece of furniture that looks good and can be used every day."

The Kickstand desk has bicycle credentials. It’s made by Fast Boy Cycles, a custom bike builder which started life making wooden mudguards. 

Engineered with two-inch square steel tubing legs in a variety of frame finishes, the 150x75cm desk comes with a choice of either recycled maple or tempered glass surfaces.

"The desk is the first of a line of new furniture products designed to bring cycling into the workplace," said Young.

There’s a disclaimer on the Kickstand website: "It is your responsibility to check with your health care professional to make sure you’re in good enough health to pedal all day at your desk."

Kickstand’s kicker? It costs $2500.

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