Publisher follows up success of Cyclist magazine

Dennis launches new road cycling mag, Bikes Etc

Dennis Publishing is launching a new brand aimed firmly at the growing road cycling market.

Bikes Etc is a new monthly magazine focused on testing and reviewing the latest bikes and kit, with expert reviews and advice on performance, maintenance and the best places to ride.

Those at Eurobike may already have caught a glimpse of the mag when the Dennis team showed it to a number of clients. Priced at £4.75, Bikes Etc will have a print run of 40,000 copies from launch.

“We believe that a passion for bikes and kit is fundamentally at the heart of the UK’s road cycling boom,” said publisher Nicola Bates. “Road cyclists are in a perpetual state of purchasing, rationalising their purchases, or dreaming about what they might buy next. We want Bikes Etc to indulge our readers in their passion.

“Many people have asked us how Bikes Etc will differ from Cyclist. If Cyclist is 80 per cent rides and 20 per cent kit, Bikes Etc will be 80 per cent kit and 20 per cent rides, but will have the same top end production and design qualities as Cyclist. We want the aesthetic delivery to match the aspirations of road cyclists, and reflect the styling and branding prevalent in this market. We hope that this, along with the quality of our reviews will set us apart from the competition.

“As with Cyclist, there will be significant launch and marketing investment, with key listings already secured with most national magazine retailers. The magazine will be priced at £4.75, and the first issue will be on-sale at the end of October. We’ve already marketed Bikes Etc to the Cyclist and Dennis Publishing email databases, with over 2,000 hot prospects for subs sign ups before launch.”

Bikes Etc will have subscriptions marketing website from launch, with further plans for a reviews based website in the Spring of 2015. Dennis Publishing will draw from its experience of reviews websites across various markets.

Advertising director Sean Igoe said: “The response from the market has been overwhelmingly positive, and with the web launch also around the corner, the market seems to be excited with the ambition of Dennis in the road cycling market.”

NOTE: This is a mocked up version of the cover, used for marketing purposes.

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