Dekerf Cycle Innovations will be closing its doors in January 2007. Founder and owner Chris Dekerf is to "seek other opportunities within the bicycle industry." He is open to offers.

Dekerf to cease framebuilding

Chris Dekerf broke the news on the framebuilding forum.

He has been building handbuilt frames for 17 years.

Bicycling magazine’s Mike Ferrentino once described the Dekerf frame he had just tested as "the best handling bike in the world".

Dekerf’s signature feature was the nterlocking wishbone design. He was also famous for his conviviality:

"As those who attended will surely attest, Dekerf threw some of biggest and most memorable parties in the bike industry," said a company statement.

"Although the company continues to flourish, Chris Dekerf, the founder and sole owner of the company wishes to close this chapter gracefully and seek other opportunities within the bicycle industry."

Chris Dekerf said:

"After 17 years the time has come for me to try something new. Building Dekerf bicycle frames has been hugely rewarding in so many ways and the decision to wrap up this business has certainly not been easy. But the time has come for me to learn some new things and perhaps try working for, or with, other people.

"At this time I have no specific plans of what I will be doing next, and am excited about what opportunities may present themselves."

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