David Millar’s CHPT3 partners with angel investor to finance brand reboot

David Millar’s cycling brand CHPT3 has partnered with an angel investor to finance a significant reboot of the brand.

On 8th June, CHPT3 will go live with its first own manufactured collection of sustainable cycle wear and a new e-commerce site aimed at a global audience.

“Millions of people are discovering their love for cycling these years,” said Millar. “Yet, cycling can feel so exclusive and elitist and can put people off before they’ve even got on a bike. The cycling industry has managed to position cycling as a sport of suffering, pain, and herd-like behaviour.

“CHPT3 is for people that want to break free of that narrow code and make cycling a broad part of their lifestyle. CHPT3 is for both men and women. It serves many types of cycling, always with a focus to make cycling a positive, playful force in the life of our users.”

CHPT3 will launch its summer collection 2021 called Most Days for pre-sale on 1st June. It will be the first time CHPT3 introduces cycle wear for women, and it will be a range that will be “one of the most sustainable collections of cycle wear available to consumers”, said the brand. For the first time, CHPT3 will introduce products designed for mountain bikers, gravel riders, and urban cyclists.

The new investment has helped Millar focus on growth. The angel investor, Mikkel B. Rasmussen, is a passionate cyclist himself and met Millar in his search for a new chapter. He is a founder of the management consultancy ReD Associates and a business anthropologist. Millar and Rasmussen met each other on the bike and started a podcast about cycling culture called Off Bike.

Millar said: “With Mikkel’s lead and guidance, we have introduced a human first focus to everything we do, from taking responsibility regards sustainability and forming a business model that is built to last, to the naming of our products and introducing a women’s range that is in total parity with the men’s range.”

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