He's now officially Britain's most sought after cyclist, and his endorsement is valuable. Millar has just given his support to the joint Glasgow/Edinburgh cycle conference planned for 2001

David ‘Hot property’ Millar backs Scottish Velocity

Scot David Millar has committed himself to helping efforts to

promote recreational cycling in his own country among school children,

families and commuters, says a press release from the organisers of Velocity 2001.

Next year, the world’s most important cycle planning conference,

Velo-city, is being hosted in Edinburgh and Glasgow and, following a

meeting with conference director, Erl Wilkie, Millar announced his


Millar said of Velo-city 2001:

"I am really impressed by what I have heard about the efforts to boost

cycling in Scotland. I am particularly heartened by recent announcements

about initiatives to get children cycling safely to school and back.

Once the cycling season is over, I promise that I will be back in

Scotland doing everything that I can to promote the use of bicycles."

The Velocity conference will be held in Edinburgh on 17 and 18 September, in

Glasgow on 20 and 21 September 2001, with Wednesday 19 being set aside

for participants to ride from one city to the other on a newly complete

long-distance cycle route that will link them.

Velo-city media team:

Tim Dawson

0131 225 2082/07050 165653

Mike Wilson 0131 446 9265/07050169016.


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