Instant penalties for hazardous driving set to arrive in 2012

Dangerous drivers to receive on-the-spot fines

Road safety has been put in the spotlight following new proposed measures to give careless drivers on-the-spot penalties, said a BBC report.

Three points on their licence and a fine of at least £80 would be the punishment for those undertaking, tail-gating or cutting up other road users. The proposal is likely to come into effect next year in England, Scotland and Wales.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond will explain the measures to parliament today (Wednesday May 11th). The news follows the proposal of a ‘dangerous cycling bill‘ which is set to increase the severity of punishments handed out to dangerous cyclists.

New drivers are also to be a focus with an enforced extended period of learning before the driving test can be taken, and rules on the ages of those allowed to be a passenger in a car driven by a new passed driver.

A DfT spokesman said: "The strategy will focus on cracking down on the really reckless drivers through more efficient enforcement.

"By giving the police the tools to deal with those who present the greatest danger to others we can make our roads even safer.

"While seeking to do everything possible to tackle the most dangerous drivers, the strategy will also help the responsible majority to improve their driving. This is the government’s twin approach to improving road safety."

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