The folding bike maker increased sales and revenues in 2007

Dahon sold 348,000 bikes in 2007

Dahon has announced record sales in 2007, representing a 20 percent increase in unit volumes and 36 percent increase in revenues year on year.

Sales growth was strong in all global markets and there was also a significant move to higher priced, higher quality offerings, said a statement from Dahon.

“As you might imagine, we’re very happy with our sales results for 2007, but what is even more satisfying is seeing green mobility elevated to the forefront of political dialog,” said company founder Dr. David Hon.

“We’re seeing governments around the world rolling out public bike programmes, congestion charges, and additional bike infrastructure. That our products are helping shape the future of urban mobility is inspiring.”

Dahon sold 348,000 folding bicycles in 2007 compared with 290,000 in 2006. Dahon sales have always been strong in typical utility bicycle markets like Japan and Holland but in 2007, Dahon also experienced strong growth in recreational bicycle markets like the US, the UK, and Taiwan.

Dahon expects sales in 2008 to continue to grow, however rising costs, component supply constraints, and shifts in exchange rates may make it a more challenging year.

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