The line-up includes an ultra-light 16” commuter; a 24” Euro-style folder; a utility bike designed as a compact folding solution for relief workers in the field; a 26” flat bar folding urban bike; three new road bikes including two featuring Ritchey BreakAway technology and a new high-end addition to the mini-bike range.

Dahon reveals ’07 bikes at Taipei trade show

Some of the bikes also features new tech, such as a Micro Pitch drive train and a British-designed seat post that doubles as a floor pump.

“Our lineup for 2007 is as innovative as ever with a range of new stylings, technologies and accessories seeing us maintain our position as a leader in urban mobility solutions,” said Dr. David Hon, Dahon President and CEO.

“From London to Taipei, governments are seeing the need for cleaner, more environmental solutions to urban traffic problems and folding bicycles are increasingly acknowledged as the best choice for multi-modal commuting."

Josh Hon, VP of sales and marketing said: “Companies like Dahon have been leading changes in how people think about green mobility for decades. Times have changed and we need to change with them. With skyrocketing oil and fuel prices and governments introducing inner city congestion charges, companies also need to change and start thinking about issues such as clean transport solutions."

The new models include:

The Curve

"Our newest entry in the ultra compact commuter category. The Curve SL is designed for the multi-modal commuter whose commute includes a segment on rail or bus. The Curve SL is ultra light but features everything a commuter would want, including a 5 speed hub, mudguards, comfortable but fast rolling Schwalbe Big Apple tires and Dahon’s new Micro Pitch drive train."

24” Glide

"With stylings borrowed from our award winning Ciao, the Glide offers a low step through frame in a 24” wheel size. The Glide is a stylish city bike for young or old with a stable, comfortable ride which folds into a package not much bigger than a 20” folding bicycle. Equipped with the Biologic PostPump and KlickFix brackets."

20” S.O.S. bike

"A utility bike designed for rapid deployment in emergency situations where roads are closed and mechanized transport impossible. Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, mass power outages along the U.S. East Coast, last year’s Asian tsunami are examples of situations where residents and aid workers could have benefited from the S.O.S. bike. Dahon is pleased to offer the S.O.S. bike at cost to not for profit organizations that have the need for such a bike. Partial donations may also be considered."


"Definitive 700c go-anywhere travel road bike, with Ritchey BreakAway frame technology and lugged steel fork. With the ability to mount larger profile tyres with mudguard mounts for standard panniers racks, the Tournado is a full size 27 speed Shimano equipped road bike that breaks down into a travel case."

Cadenza diamond frame

"26” wheel flat bar urban road bike using advanced Dahon folding technology diamond frame. Traditional flatbar road bike look, feel, and ride, paired with compact folding abilities for the fast and stylish urban sport rider and commuter."

Hammerhead 9.0

"The ultimate high-end road performance bike in the 20” wheel category. Small wheel bikes are lighter, accelerate faster, are more portable, and fit smaller riders better. 30 seconds is all it takes to convert the HammerHead into a flat package that slides under a bus seat, stacks in a car trunk, or even hangs in a closet."

New tech includes:

Biologic Zorin PostPump

"Post Pump is an ingenious combination of a seat post and a powerful floor pump. The pump mechanism is hidden inside the seat post and uses the seat post as the outer wall of the pump. The pump is always at hand, hidden from the elements and thieves, and can pump up a tire in a dozen strokes. The Biolgic Zorin PostPump is available in 34mm and 27.2mm sizings, with an after market option also available."

Dahon Micro Pitch drivetrain

"The Micro Pitch drive train allows use of a smaller chain ring, and shorter chain, which reduces weight, improves the unique styling of the bike and offers uncompromised gearing."

The new range of bikes will be available beginning January 2007.

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