The folding bike maker has opened a European Service Centre in Germany. It will service all EU markets, including the UK

Dahon opens Euro servicing hub

The Dahon European Service Centre (DESC) is based close to Stuttgart, Germany.

DESC will stock Dahon spare parts and accessories and is operated by WM Trading GmbH, one of Dahon’s long-time partners in Europe.

Joshua Hon, Dahon vice president, said:

“Cyclists are moving to higher price point bikes that they increasingly use for daily transport. And they need, and expect, high levels of service. When you depend on your bike to get to work, you can’t wait weeks for a replacement part. Our sales volume in Europe has hit a point where a dedicated service centre is the most efficient way to provide this high level of service.”

Axel Keller, General Manager of WM Trading, said:

“With stock of all Dahon spare parts, and telephone operators who speak six languages, Dahon customers will get the parts they need much quicker. Our centralised location in Germany, and warehouse with 1,200 square metres of storage space, will allow for easier and faster processing and shipping of orders and parts.”

In August last year, the UK distribution of Dahon was snapped up by Zyro.

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