Manufacturer opens retail outlet in Taiwan as folding bike market booms

Dahon launches first flagship store

Folding bicycle manufacturer Dahon has opened its first flagship store in Taiwan. The 1,000 sq ft shop stocks accessories, bicycle clothing as well as a wide range of Dahon bikes.

The store also features an in-store service centre and is based close to one of the busiest bike paths in central Taiwan.

The flagship store opens at a time when Taiwan has seen a huge uptake in cycling, with city governments across the island improving biking facilities and infrastructure.

“The opening of a flagship store in Taiwan marks a milestone for Dahon and further confirms the strong demand seen for folding bicycles both in Taiwan and the world in general,” enthused Joshua Hon, Dahon vice president. "Dahon is dedicated to continually improving its products and service and this flagship store is part of our commitment to providing a great experience to our customers."

“With the current air of economic uncertainty and the recent spike in gas prices, cycling is becoming an increasingly viable form of transportation for many people in addition to just being a recreational activity," Hon added.

"People are becoming more aware of the huge benefits that cycling has on themselves and the environment and Dahon is committed to helping foster that movement."

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