Confused? It concerns Tern. Both Tern and Dahon are currently exhibiting at Eurobike in Germany.

Dahon granted injunction against Dahon

Here’s a press release from the Tern team. It concerns a battle between Dr David Hon, founder of Dahon, and his son, Josh Hon, co-founder of recent start-up Tern. Josh Hon and his mother still control parts of the Dahon empire. 


 The Munich District Court in Germany has granted a preliminary ex parte injunction against several Dahon North America products for design patent violation. The design patent covers Dahon Ios and Vector models which Dahon North America has been offering as part of its 2012 range. With the injunction Dahon North America is forbidden by the court from selling or marketing bicycles based on these frames in Germany. This preliminary court order is effective immediately and bans the display of bikes, frames, and all marketing material picturing or referencing these products from Dahon North America’s Eurobike booth. 

"Dahon has always been made up primarily of three independent companies – Dahon Global, Dahon China, and Dahon North America – cooperating closely together. As many people are aware, for the 2012 season Dahon Global, based in Taiwan, will no longer be working with Dahon China or Dahon North America." stated Stewart Clarke, Dahon Global Legal Manager. 

"All of these entities have intellectual property that they have independently developed and it is important that ownership is respected. Legal actions are always a last resort but this is a clear indication of our will to protect our intellectual property."

 "We have identified additional potential IP issues with Dahon North America and Dahon China products and they have been duly notified," concluded Clarke.

"To be honest, most of our intellectual property is a matter of public record and anybody with questions is welcome to contact us for clarification."

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