Folding bike specialist leads the eco-war at upcoming cycle show

Dahon goes green for Taipei

Bicycle manufacturer Dahon has stated that it is to ‘maximise the use’ of re-usable and environmentally friendly materials in its booth at this year’s Taipei Cycle Show in an effort to lower its carbon footprint.

In addition, the firm has chartered a bus to transport show-goers to and from the event so as to discourage the use of taxis.

The bus is open to all show goers. It will run between the nearest MRT stop and the show grounds.

“We all, as individuals and companies, need to step up and reduce our environmental impact on the planet,” Dahon founder and CEO Dr. David Hon stated. “Small steps, like those we are taking for the Taipei Cycle Show, multiplied across billions of people, millions of companies, and over many years, will make a big difference. There are lots of companies in the bike industry doing great things and we want to do our part.”

This year’s Taipei Cycle Show is taking place at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall on March 13th.

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