Firm’s partners and consumers to be protected from rife faking in the market

Dahon battles counterfeit market with holograms

Folding bike brand Dahon is to introduce an authentic hologram program to tackle ‘rampant’ patent infringement and counterfeits.

To ensure authenticity and quality of Dahon-produced bikes in the future, every Dahon branded bike will bear a serialised 3D holographic label as proof to dealers and consumers that the Dahon is genuine.

The system will make it easy to spot a fake being sold at retail, Dahon said, with an authentic hologram sticker equipping custom officials and agencies to track serial numbers and prevent bogus product from being offered to dealers.

The holograms have been designed as tamper resistant and difficult to replicate. A tracking number will make life harder for vendors selling counterfeit merchandise bearing forged holograms too, the firm said.

Dahon CEO Dr David Hon said: “As an industry leader with over 200 successfully registered utility patents, Dahon technologies are being legally used on 98 per cent of all folding bicycles on the market today, including many of the now expired early patents.

“Yet, the increasingly excessive illegal application of Dahon’s intellectual property has prompted Dahon to design a new enforcement system to stem the illegal copying of its property.”

Dahon is currently without a specific UK distributor, but is expected to reveal a new agreement soon.

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