Bike Components Eurocenter is aiming to go public with the competition on 1st September. A variety of European MTB mags have been contacted and some have been enlisted to do the evaluation tests. The winners will be announced in March 2003, claims the Czech site.

Czech B2B site launches European Bike of the Year comp

Bike Components Eurocenter contacted 50 magazines from across Europe. Fifteen are needed to make the bike testing a reality. Five have so far agreed to be part of the testing panel.

The European Bicycle of the Year 2003 will be a mountain bike, because that’s the only criteria offered by Bike Components Eurocenter. There are two categories: bikes worth up to EUR700 at retail, and bikes worth up to EUR1500 (£447 and £958 respectively).

Companies interested in entering their bikes need to fill in application forms via Bike Components Eurocenter’s website. Up to 15 bikes will then need to be sent to the participating magazines.

Interestingly, Bike Components Eurocenter is also trying to score banner ads from participating companies.

"Every enrolled participant of the competition EBY 2003 can use our action offer for presentation of his bicycle by the help of promotion banners for the exclusive price EUR250, which also includes creating of the banner and its placing on our web pages for the period of 1 month."

The competition opens on 1st September. Bikes have to be supplied by 15th November, although the application forms need to be completed by 15th October.

A PowerPoint presentation is available at:…/frame.htm


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