Cyclon introduces the Grease Bar for workshops

Cyclon has introduced the Grease Bar, available from The Cycle Division.

The brand has a number of greases for use in the workshop, including the Cyclon Bearing Grease, the Cyclon Assembly Paste, the Cyclon Course Grease, and the Cyclon Stay Fixed.

The Cyclon Grease Bar
‘For easy use in the workshop, we have the Grease Bar. A metal bar that fixes to the wall or benchtop, perfect for the greases you need in the modern workshop. It will organise your workspace and you will be able to work faster and cleaner. The Grease Bar takes three pots of grease and has two spots for aerosols that the workshop uses all the time.

The Cyclon Bearing Grease
‘The Cyclon Bearing Grease is a general grease that has a good lubricating effect and also has a good water-repellent function. This Bearing Grease can be used for all rotating parts.’

The Cyclon Assembly Paste
‘The Cyclon Assembly Paste prevents creaking and ensures that threaded items can easily be disassembled. You can use this grease on threads of, for example, pedals, bottom brackets, seat posts and stems, but also on other places on your bike where metal-metal connections occur. Thanks to this grease, the parts are protected against moisture and they will not creak even under heavy pressure.’

The Cyclon Course Grease
‘The Cyclon Course Grease reduces the rolling resistance of the rotating parts of your bike. In addition, it protects the rotating parts thanks to the long-lasting PTFE film layer. This layer protects your bike against salt and freshwater and does not saponify. Course Grease is biodegradable and lasts a long time.’

The Cyclon Stay Fixed
‘The Cyclon Stay Fixed mounting paste for carbon. For attaching seat posts, handlebars and stems. Cyclon Stay Fixed is intended for all non-moving parts to be assembled such as carbon and aluminium seat posts and handlebar stems.’

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