Cyclists are safer car drivers than non-cyclists, study claims

A UK car insurance provider has claimed that road cyclists are safer car drivers than non-cyclists.

Specialist broker (Ci4C) is the first in the UK to observe the relationship between road cycling and a clean driving record.

The broker analysed the claims data of drivers from the cycling community, mainly cycle club members and triathletes, over a 12-month period and found that road cyclists have less than half the number of accidents non-cyclists do.

Nick Day of Ci4C said: "We knew there had been studies in New Zealand looking at the connection between motorcycling and improved car driving outcomes.

“It seemed logical that the concept could be exported to the UK’s cyclists but until now we had no definitive proof that we were on the right track."

According to Ci4C data, the average driver claims at a rate of about 13 per cent but Ci4C discovered that only six per cent of its clients, by definition all cyclists, were involved in claims.

Day added: "Our proposition was always that an enthusiast’s on-road cycling experience should make them more alert and road aware.

“As a vulnerable road user, cycling certainly trains you to be more alert to the dangers of road use and better able to anticipate hazards.

“You’re more aware of how you fit into your surroundings and you’ll ride, or drive, accordingly.

“Physical exercise plays a part too. It leads to improved mental agility and we maintained that would make you a more responsive driver.

“We’re really thrilled that the statistical evidence is there to validate the supposition."

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