Brand is keen to branch out into IBDs and had new shop pack

Cyclist illuminator Lightrider has new version in the works

Tudor Davies tells BikeBiz about Lightrider’s new plans to target independent stores…

BikeBiz: How’s business for Lightrider?
Tudor Davies: We have had a steady increase in sales since our launch last year. Over the last few months we have been starting enquires in mainland Europe and we are pleased to say that Lightrider is soon to be for sale in Norway and Sweden. This has all been through the assistance of Paul Stratta, a well know face in the industry. We’re now all around the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and soon to be in Spain.

You’ve a new shop pack – can you give us the details?
We have been very aware that we are a new brand and with a very different concept in lighting. It has always been important to make customers realise our USP, so we hope a POS will help to bring together our range of four lights and attract them in to pick up one of the boxes.

Has the product changed much since first launched?
No, but we are currently working on version two which will be out towards the end of the year. It’s still the same shape, but a different colour with higher spec LEDs and new packaging.

What kind of enhancements have you got in mind for further updates, or is that all hush hush at this stage?
We have a number of different lights that we plan to bring out, but we want to establish our current model and more importantly, the concept.
But ultimately we intend to have a cheaper and more expensive version.

You’ve got some new POS options too?
Currently we are just planning a mounting board that can hang on standard shelving, and display all lights together. In the future we would love this to expand as we now have a great POS company on board, but one thing at a time.

What are your immediate plans for Lightrider?
Currently our biggest customers are large stores, which is great, but we are keen to expand to IBDs, which is why we have brought out the Point of Sale units and a shop pack, which will contain two AA lights, three USB, two AA sets and three USB sets – making ten in total, a great starting pack for a shop.


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