Cycling UK raises £15,000 to supply police with VR film

Cycling UK has raised £15,000 in eight days to supply UK police with an educational film on how to overtake cyclists safely.

The ‘Too Close for Comfort’ campaign highlights the dangers of close overtaking of cyclists by motor vehicles through a virtual reality film.

The charity used the Kickstarter platform to crowdsource the funding required to supply the 45 police forces operating throughout the UK with the film and VR headsets for free.

It estimates it will be able to begin distributing the film and headsets by the end of November.

The film has already been put into operational use by West Midlands Police’s Road Harm Reduction Team (RHRT).

Drivers pulled over during Operation Close Pass on 8th October had the opportunity to watch the film in addition to receiving instruction from Woodgate Valley Community Fire Service on how to overtake cyclists safely.

PC Steve Hudson of RHRT said: “This was the first opportunity to put into operational use the new Cycling UK virtual reality film on close passing, and we’re pleased to say the film was well received.

“At West Midlands Police RHRT, we’re always on the lookout for the best ways to make our roads safer and this short VR film will help people learn through experience the dangers of close passing.

“I hope we’ll see a wider pick up of the film across the UK, and that other road safety organisations, such as driver training and re-training instructors will be able to make use of the film too.”

Cycling UK has plans to use all extra funding raised over the next 16 days to make sure the film seen as widely as possible.

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