Cycling Score: £66,000 of grant funding awarded to Dundee One

Dundee One by Jute Properties has been awarded £66,000 of grant funding with Cycling Score, in the hope of becoming Scotland’s most cycle-friendly building.

Cycling Score certification rates the cycle friendliness of commercial and residential buildings based on an official set of standards set for each, developed with help from Transport for London and professionals in the industry including executives in cycling related businesses, travel planners and tenants.

By adopting the certification, employers, owners and developers will potentially be able to access grant funding, which can be used for installing or enhancing cycle parking, upgrading minor workplace specific pedestrian/cyclist access routes, upgrading onsite facilities, buying bikes to support a bike pool or hire fleet and creating maintenance areas.

Jeremy Dixon of Jute Properties said: “Cycling Score have guided us through the process of achieving this considerable level of grant funding, which will ensure we can achieve a ‘best in class’ cycling facility at Dundee One.

“When complete, potential occupiers will know exactly how important occupier health and wellbeing is to us.

“Being able to offer exceptional cycling facilities will allow us to attract high calibre, new tenants, allowing them and existing tenants to attract and retain the very best employees.

“Cycling is a rapidly growing means of transport for cost, environmental, health and wellness reasons and as Dundee’s best Grade A office it is essential we lead the way.”

The £66,000 will be invested into making improvements in infrastructure and services required to achieve a ‘best in class’ platinum Cycling Score Certification, including 16 Sheffield Stands that will create 32 bike parking spaces, and a sheltered cycle enclosure with bike parking spaces with easy lift gas struts, fitted with swipe card access.

There will also be two additional New York cycle shelters which will house an additional 24 semi-vertical bike racks and an additional cycle repair stand with integrated pump and bike wash, centrally-provided pool bikes and new changing and drying facilities, including new lockers.

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