Cycling moves up the ranks as one of the nation’s favourite sports

Cycling is now the UK’s joint second favourite sport, according to research from Cycleguard.

Cycleguard found that 20 per cent of UK adults now count cycling as a key hobby, with reasons listed as the simple enjoyment of it (67 per cent), a desire to increase fitness (57 per cent) and a sense of purpose (31 per cent).

The average UK adult has two activities they consider pastimes or hobbies, the research said, and spends eight hours per week (416 per year) on their favoured pastime. 32 per cent of UK adults spend over ten hours cycling per week.

Nearly three quarters (74 per cent) of UK adults participate in some kind of sporting activity.

Sara Newell, director at Cycleguard, said: “With spare time in extremely short supply, Britons are clearly making the most of their precious downtime by participating in their favourite hobbies and past-times. And whether it be a commitment to get fitter, the camera on the smartphone hinting at what might be possible with some proper kit or an attempt to emulate musical heroes, Brits are clearly dedicated to leisure pursuits, and this is reflected in how much time and money we’re prepared to spend on our hobbies.

“Whilst it’s perhaps unsurprising that gardening is the UK’s number one hobby, it’s interesting to note the rise of photography and other creative pursuits in there. Understandably, younger people are much more likely to participate in sporting activities such as cycling or football, whereas the older generation tends to pursue less physically demanding pastimes. But whatever the pursuit, Britons are pretty serious about their hobbies and the clear mental, physical and social benefits they offer.”

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