Cycling Insight shares bike insurance growth and trends

With the increase in bike sales, it might seem obvious that bike insurance sales are also on the up. Cycling Insight shares search trends and stats to give some clarity

The search term ‘bike insurance’ sees a regular trend year-on-year with searches doubling at around May-June. The increase for 2020 has been sharper than previous years, most likely attributed to the bike sales boom.

The monthly search volume averages 220,000. Comparison websites rank higher on Google than cycle-specific brands for the term ‘bike insurance’.

While ‘bike insurance’ has seen an irregular search spike, it seems bike insurance brands such as Bikmo, Yellow Jersey and CycleGuard haven’t. This may be down to low brand recognition or brand loyalty – a preference for comparing the market and getting the best deal.

Comparison Creator’s brand ‘Protect Your Family’, that partners with MoneySupermarket to compare bike insurance providers, has seen a 376% rise in quotes from May 2019 to May 2020. That’s 7,310 quotes compared to around 1,500 last year, over 90% being for leisure cover.

Brand Google searches per month:

– Yellow Jersey: 1,000
– Bikmo: 1,600
– CycleGuard: 590
– PedalSure: 880

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