BikeBiz talks to Paligap brand manager Blair Morgan about evolution of the turbo market and what CycleOps can do for the dealer...

CycleOps: ‘entry-level cyclist buying into turbo market more often’

It’s prime time for the turbo trainer market, with cyclists up and down the country looking to the season ahead and preparing. Blair Morgan, product manager for CycleOps talks to BikeBiz about why the label should be a consideration for retailers looking at turbo stock…

BikeBiz: Why should dealers consider CycleOps over a rival turbo brand?
Blair Morgan, Paligap: Overall the range from the entry-level Mag/Mag+ all the way to PowerBeam shows a level of quality and engineering that surpasses the price tag. This year there have been some extremely technical additions to the range. A revamp of the classic series frame, with the new spring loaded bold action securing lever to the new Clutch Knob Resistance unit ‘Set and Forget’ system. These quality features along with strong dealer margins and back up service for the shop and customer make for a very attractive package.

How is the label addressing the desire by cyclists to ‘ride’ virtual courses, perhaps already logged on Strava, or the Alp D’Huez, for example?
With the CycleOps Virtual Training (CVT) App and Software program we can really enhance the riders indoor training experience, taking rides from their favourite route, or from the collection of courses done by others using CVT on the PowerBeam or Indoor Cycle which gives you a “Real World” VT experience. The programs can also be used on any CycleOps trainer, simply by adding an ANT+ or Bluetooth Speed/Cadence sensor on the bike.

Who’s buying turbo trainers nowadays – is there a typical customer, or is it open to beginners as well as enthusiasts?
Looking at the price points that sell the best, we have a good mix of entry-level riders who are looking to use their new bikes just to keep fit over the winter, to riders who want to train more effectively. We see the volume sale in the Mag/Mag+ area, but the GBP sales are clearly for us based around the Fluid² model. This has been the case for a number of seasons now.

What marketing plans do you have for the label in 2014?
For 2014 we are working hard to raise awareness to consumers with more creatives in key magazines such as Cyclist, Cycle Active, Rouleur and Cycling Weekly. Some of these have dealer lists and locators. We have actively engaged in a shop demo program to ensure all dealers can have test models ready for customers to try instore before they buy.

Will we see the brand at any shows?
Yes, Core Bike in January will be a good opportunity to ask any questions.

What would you recommend to dealers as a ‘highlight’ of 2014’s catalogue?
The new Silencer Direct Drive Mag trainer, the new feature on the Classic series models Mag/Mag+, Magneto and Fluid², which have a new high-end finish frame, spring loaded bolt action locking mechanism, and the new Clutch Knob found on the Magneto and Fluid² trainers.

What price range do the trainers span this year?
£160 for the Wind and Mag Trainer and up to £1,050 for the PowerBeam with a Joule GPS cycle computer.

Any additional add-on sales to be had with CycleOps accessories?
This year we see an additional trainer tyre in yellow to ensure these don’t get mixed up with a regular road use tyre. The very stable multi-adjustable riser block and a full range of training DVD’s to help enhance the indoor training experience.

What are the margins typically like?
We are supporting the trade with quantity discounts and additional incentives for dealers who pre-order several months in advance. Overall we believe that the outgoing margin dealers get from the CycleOps range exceeds the competition.

How has the label tackled the issue of noise reduction?
CycleOps in renowned for having some of the quietest trainers on the market. The wind trainer simply by its nature is in the region of 84-86 dB with the more popular Fluid² trainer having a level of 64-68 dB. The new direct drive silencer model is by its very nature the quietest in the range at 59-64 dB.

Any deals, incentives or POS support available with the brand this year?
We do provide dealers with demo and test product as well as hangers to be able to present the range on a wall where consumers can see the product, rather than just have the trainers on the floor. We also have posters and trainer-specific bullet point cards for display.

Does the lifetime guarantee now apply throughout the range?
That has been the case since Saris Cycling Group bought the company. Simply put, if a customer thinks there is a problem, then there must be and we’ll work with the dealer to rectify any issue immediately. We carry a full range of spares for all models old and new.

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