Raleigh fills BikeBiz in on the future for the retail support programme for IBDs

Cyclelife: Raleigh’s retail concept hits ten years

Raleigh is in the process of revamping its nationwide Cyclelife store concept and launched three stores in three weeks this summer.

That trio of shops included Cyclelife Bristol, close to the start of the Bristol-Bath Cycle Path. Pitched by Raleigh as “the biggest and boldest example of the new Cyclelife concept”, the shop has taken over a 3,000 sq ft site.

In-store, Raleigh road, electric and leisure bikes are displayed in zones with other ‘house-brand’ bikes from Haibike, Diamondback and Dahon while POS displays with the new Raleigh branding deck out the store’s white interior.

Cyclelife Bristol manager Shaun Butcher said: “We’ve got a first class shopping environment and we need to match that with our service. That’s why we’ve been at pains to stress our principle of getting the right bike for the right discipline, offering professional advice and excellent customer service.

“With the help of Raleigh’s marketing support team we’re working to develop long lasting relationships with cyclists in Bristol, attracting those consumers looking for something more than just a place to buy bikes.“
Other recent Cyclelife launches include On Yer Bike Burnley, which officially opened its Cyclelife department zone as part of a significant store expansion, followed by the soft launch of Cyclelife Electric Wessex in the town of Poundbury, near Dorchester in Dorset.

“The first thing you’ll notice in the new stores is a clean, modern look fit for today’s discerning cyclists,” Raleigh’s marketing manger Ben Hillsdon tells BikeBiz. “With clearly presented in-store zones for Raleigh, Diamondback, Haibike and our accessory brands we’re able to give consumers the consummate Raleigh experience.

“For dealers, Cyclelife was always designed as a one-stop-shop so they could buy everything they needed from us,” explains Hillsdon. “Now that we have upped the game with the quality of our bikes and the range of our accessories, we believe that more than ever.

“For consumers, we wanted to create a retail outlet with the backing and peace of mind you get with such a recognised name.

“But in essence the new Cyclelife concept is a supportive partnership programme. As well as a financial package including 12 months phased credit and bikes on consignment, Raleigh covers 50 per cent towards the cost of shop fit outs, including signage, lighting, display, flooring, counter space and work-shop. We are also committed to offering sales and marketing support to the stores, including demo days, click and collect and ‘white label’ websites.”

Raleigh’s had a big few years, so what about Cyclelife’s future?
“The scope of Cyclelife is open-ended. Whether it be working with a dealer to operate a full concept-store or a significant ‘department’ within a multi-franchise operation or indeed a specialist electric bike outlet, we are now positive that we can provide effective and valuable support to independent bike dealers of all persuasions.”


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