Cycle Training UK to close

Cycle Training UK (CTUK) is to close at the end of the October.

CTUK, which has been providing training courses for 20 years, has issued redundancy notices to all employees this week.

“Earlier in the summer, it became apparent that there would not be large enough contract work to see  CTUK through the quieter winter months,” stated CTUK.

“This would be fine if CTUK operated like many of its fellow cycle training providers and only used freelancers, paying on a gig-by-gig basis. But for over ten years, CTUK, a not-for-profit workers’ cooperative, has employed its instructors, paying them a monthly salary.

“This autumn, there’s just not enough cash in the bank and winter work to guarantee everyone’s salaries for the next six months.”

CTUK directors have “explored all options” to keep the courses running, but a viable solution has not been found. Ealing Borough Council will aid CTUK in completing all Bikeability courses for the current half-term, while all other training and Dr Bike events will continue until late October.

Thanks to the support of Ealing Borough Council, all the Bikeability courses for this current half term will be completed. Other training and Dr Bike events will continue until late October.

David Dansky, director and head of training and development for CTUK, said: “We’ve come a long way in 20 years. Our aim was to create good, realistic cycle training for everyone.

“Today, that’s being done across the UK by the thousands of instructors we have trained and guided. It just won’t be us delivering it in future.”

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