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Cycle Show preview, part two: Who’s worth a visit?

Storck Raddar
Stand: E4.2
Stock never disappoints come showtime and this year will be no exception with the 2013 launch comprising fresh road, mountain and pedelec bikes.
Having developed new models, including a very new and innovative Aero Road bike called the Aernario, Markus Storck’s line is a must-see. The frame is designed with setting new standards of Aero design in mind, with ‘Sectional Aerodynamic Shaping’, which means it performs like a Time Trial Bike, yet rides as comfortable as Storck’s more laid back road frames.
Completely new from Autumn 2012 is the first collection of Storck Cycling Gear. Storck Bicycle has appointed the well-respected designer Alberto Celante to help develop the new line of Storck Cycling Apparel along with Storck Pro riders, team members and cycling enthusiasts. As you would expect from the Storck Brand, the line uses the highest quality technical Fabrics with a new innovative Combitech technology to ensure maximum comfort and performance.

Stand: B11
In an interesting expansion away from the flagship braking product Fibrax is known for, the firm will introduce what it says is a ‘revolutionary cleat’.
The new Fibrax 2Face cleat is compatible as a Look Keo replacement cleat and allows instant replacement anywhere.
Once the cleat starts to show wear the rider simply unscrews the mounting bolts, rotates the connecting plate and reassembles. This means you get twice as much life out of 2Face cleats as traditional designs.
The Fibrax 2Face will be available from October 2012 through selected wholesalers and distributors. The UK retail price is £17.99.
Designer and keen cyclist Dave Savage, said: “It is one of the constant complaints of cyclists that they have to replace cleats on a regular basis. I wanted to come up with a way to extend their life without compromising on safety or comfort. The result was 2Face cleats.”

Stand: H42
Returning to the show is British Cycling-endorsed Wattbike, which is set to offer those who visit its stand a free pedal technique analysis, including feedback on how to improve, as well as comparison to professionals.
Show visitors are encouraged to pre-book the 15-minute session via wattbike.com/cycleshow as demand is always exceptionally high. Dean Downing of team Rapha-Condor is to demonstrate the system on the trade day to those interested in how the pros take on their training.

Stand: L41
Pragmasis may not be a label you’ve heard of directly before, however they’re quite a successful UK manufacturer of security product, spanning ground anchors, through police approved chains and shed shackles. Cycle Show will mark the firm’s largest ever new product launch at a dedicated show.
At Cycle Show, the firm plans to show dealers its new web portal launched earlier this month – Securityforbikes.com – which replaces torc-anchors.com.
Stephen Briggs, engineering director at Pragmasis said: “As part of that re-launch, we’ve also announced several new products that we’ve had in development for lots of months. We’re also announcing the new Block Wall fitting kit for our Torc ground anchor. This becomes the only 8-bolt-fixing ground anchor on the market and means you can get a much higher level of security if you have no choice but to use a blockwork wall in your garage, or alternatively concrete an anchor in.”
The firm will also launch a ‘noose’ option compatible with its 11 and 13mm chains.

stand: D41
Sponsors to the Cycle Show road track, WASP, will also exhibit, showing for the first time its unique cycle monitoring system – said to be a proven method to halting thieves progress.
After achieving a 92 per cent reduction in cycle crime in the City of Portsmouth, the WASP Cycle Monitoring System and their Collaboration partners; Hampshire Constabulary, University of Portsmouth was presented with a Home Office Award for Equipment and Technology Innovation, the system is now being rolled out across the UK.
To see a demo of how WASP works visit WASP Cycle Monitoring Systems at Stand D41.

Contour (via Ultra Sport Europe)
stand: F41
Cycle Show will see the debut of the Contour+2, an evolution of the flagship model, which has sold well for the firm to date.
There’s certainly some new technological breakthroughs in the updated piece of kit, with GPS positioning that records your location, speed, elevation and distance giving you irrefutable bragging rights, among other things. It also offers smartphone connectivity allowing you to use your mobile to preview your shot, tweak your settings and much more, plus control your camera remotely enabling you to capture third party shots.
Incredibly, the camera can not only shoot at full 1080p, but is now capable of shooting at 120 frames per second, delivering super slo-mo to your fingertips.

Stand: E41
It’s been an exciting few months for electrics specialist Wisper. The bikes are now being manufactured closer to home in Germany, while on domestic territory, the supplier is now also handling the distribution of Grace bikes.
As such, visitors to the firm’s stand will have plenty of new gear to focus on – including Grace’s three-pedelec catalogue.
Of the manufacturing switch to mainland Europe, Wisper’s David Miall told BikeBiz: “Although our relationship with our Chinese OEM manufacturers has helped Wisper gain a strong position in the pedelec market in the UK and overseas, the directors believe that as the business grows, a more stable manufacturing platform was needed.”
The new German OEM partner is an established player that recently secured the contract to design and manufacture the Smart e-bike range.
Miall added: “We are delighted to be working with one of the largest and most highly respected bicycle manufactures in Germany with an excellent reputation for both high volume or extremely high quality bikes and ‘on time’ deliveries.”

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