Glasgow City Council has paid for 27 showings of a 30-second advert from the Scottish Cycling Development Project that portrays cycling to work as the modern, healthy, fast way to commute.

‘Cycle commuting is sexy’ telly advert airs in Scotland

The ads started airing on STV on Monday and will be screened through until 18th May. There’s a mix of peak and late-night slots during the week and daytime slots at the weekend, including during the petrol-soaked coverage of the Austrian Grand Prix.

The ad opens with a thirtysomething suburban male in shirt and tie saying "I love car commercials, don’t you?"

There’s then glam footage of speed and the open road which is brought to a screeching halt when the dream sequence is interrupted by day-to-day reality: traffic snarl-ups. The suburban male says "Yeh, right…I’ve found a better way to that feeling [of speed]" and the camera pans out to reveal him getting on his bike and starting his daily cycle commute to work.

Once at the office he’s greeted by a sexy, female cycle courier saying "Early again?"

The ad ends with "Give your car a break, get in the fast lane" and lingers on the Scottish Cycling Development Project’s website and Glasgow City Council’s cycle-and-walking helpline.

The ad production company was supplied with bikes from Trek (logo clearly visible in the ad), shades from Adidas, clothing from Scottish company Endura, and P&A from Fisher Outdoor Leisure.

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